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Wellness & SPA


classic whole body massage 60 minutes 100,00 PLN
classic partial massage - back and shoulder girdle, 35 minutes 60,00 PLN
slimming and anti-cellulite massage, hips, thighs, buttocks, belly - ultrasound and Chinese bubble massage, 45 min 130,00 PLN
Chinese bubble massage, whole body, 60 minutes 120,00 PLN
Chinese bubble masage, hip, thighs, buttocks, belly, 45 min 100,00 PLN
Chinese bubble massage, back and shoulder girdle, 35 min 80,00 PLN
face, neck and cleavage massage with makeup remover and tonic 45 min 120,00 PLN
Ayurvedic massage, face and head 60min 100,00 PLN
Ayurvedic massage, whole body 120 min 200,00 PLN
lymphatic drainage of the body 60min 120,00 PLN
lymphatic drainage of the body 30 min 70,00 PLN
anti-cellulite massage - legs and buttocks 45 min 80,00 PLN
anti-cellulite massage - legs 30 min 70,00 PLN
hot chocolate massage with the whole body peeling 90 min 180,00 PLN
oxybrasion treatment for the whole body 300,00 PLN
classic massage 30 min 55,00 PLN
classic massage 60 min, sauna included in the price of treatment 100,00 PLN
candle massage 30 min 60,00 PLN
candle massage 60 min, sauna included in the price of treatment 130,00 PLN
hot stone massage 30 min 70,00 PLN
hot stone massage 60 min, sauna included in the price of treatment 100,00 PLN


Bali - Using the secrets of Balinese culture, we created the Bali jasmine flower ritual. A unique treatment for sophisticated body and mind care. The beautiful scent of jasmine stimulates the senses and can charm you for a long time. Using exotic and sensual oil, jasmine therapy is an experience that affects the senses and regenerates the body from the head to the feet. After the treatment you will feel with your own body how the goddess hidden in you seduces with her beauty and smell.
Bali ritual (sauna, body peeling, 45 minute stone massage, Bali mask for the whole body), duration 90 minutes 170,00 PLN
Iceland - Moments of seaside relaxation inspired by the harshness and beauty of Iceland's climate. The richness of algae, minerals, crystal clear water and energy coming from ice would soothe not only your skin, but also affect all your senses, taking you into an amazing cruise on Iceland's waters.
Iceland ritual (peeling, massage with glass balls or manual, bandaging with ICELAND BANDAGE, ICEBALM massage), duration 90 minutes 170,00 PLN
Marrakesh - This is an oriental ritual that combines the most valuable ingredients of Morocco with the tradition of cleansing in hammam baths. It is a compilation of the heat of the Sahara's sand, the captivating scent of Damascus rose, golden argan oil and the purifying power of ghassoul clay. Let yourself be invited to a magical journey to the mysterious world of the Orient and let Marrakesh fill all your senses.
Marrakesh ritual (sauna, marrakesh sand peeling, mask, massage with marrakesh gold oil), 90 minutes 170,00 PLN
Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania, is a paradise for lovers of peace and luxurious rest. Blue water, white beaches and always smiling residents make Zanzibar an ideal place for a relaxing holiday. The ritual of Zanzibar will take us to the atmosphere of vacation laziness, and exotic fragrances will deeply relax. This is a classic procedure defining Zanzibar as the centre of a holistic approach to SPA.
Zanzibar ritual (sauna, sugar peeling, 30 min massage with ZANZIBAR JOGHURT, mask, ending massage), 90 minutes 170,00 PLN
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